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We are the provider of premier Business and IT Support Services. We combine strategic consulting, process innovation & integration to rapidly deliver end-to-end business systems. Our lean, flexible and fast solutions enable customers to gain efficiency in operations, minimize costs and meet their strategic objectives. We believe in building long-term partnership with our customers. We offer our customers experienced professional consultants and project managers to meet their immediate business objectives. We use best-of-class practices. We honor confidentiality. We practice integrity.

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Project Management

What we do

Completely outsource the management of your projects.

We provide:

* Dedicated project manager.

* Firm fix contracts.

* Firm commitment to schedule.

* Firm management of project budget.

* Management of resources assigned to project.

* 3rd Party management.

* Weekly and monthly reporting and briefings.

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Program Management

What we do 

* Responsible for the development & ongoing management of one or more multi-year programs in full SDLC.

* Manage enterprise wide programs w/ multiple concurrent sub-projects or equal complexity, involving multiple systems, and multiple platforms, multiple teams, globally distributed virtual team & multiple artifacts. 

* Program execution & technical team management. 

* Determine program scope.

* Develop resource, risk, quality, cost & scope management plans.

* Develop training plans.

* Develop project approval matrix .

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IT Project Portfolio Management (PPM) / Project Management Office (PMO)

What we do

 Responsible for defining and executing the IT portfolio management and IT investment processes across the organization. We align portfolio management approaches with the overall PMO function.

Key outcomes to oversee and accomplish include:

* Effective IT project portfolio governance.

* Comprehensive visibility and transparency into IT project portfolio and forecasts for all stakeholders.

* Thought leadership in helping to transform and evolve the PMO practice to embrace modern PM practices that ensure projects are delivered with maximum quality and agility.

* Strong leadership of a PM team that can effectively partner with all stakeholders and successfully execute on projects according to the PMO methodology.

* Maintain an accurate up-to-date view of Technology resource utilization on IT-related projects, feeding resource planning activities.

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Mergers and Acquisitions Services

What we do

Pre-merger, Day1, transition, transformation, Integration, Turn-over, Steady-State

* We are your intelligent and confidential partner in mergers and acquisition.

* We perform full confidential evaluation and process engineering of merging organizations.

* Prior to merger we develop a complete realignment plan for post-merger. This strategic plan will map the products, and processes of the newly merged entity.

* We create an integrated merger plan, documenting resource & support requirements based on the future product lines.

* Our M&A services include pre-and post-merger interviews leading to the identification of duplicate functions, and their underlying systems.

* A plan for eliminating obsolete and / or duplicate systems will be presented to your management.

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Disaster Recovery (DR), Business Continuity (BC)

What we do

* We obtain top management’s Commitment.
* We establish a planning committee.
* We conduct data collection.
* We perform risk assessment.
* We research and evaluate the most practical alternatives for processing in case of a disaster.
* We set priorities for processing and operations.
* We determine Recovery Strategies.
* We analyze processing and operations to determine the maximum amount of time that the organization can operate without each critical system.
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Business Architecture

What we do

* We establish the framework for your Business architecture.
* We align strategic objectives and tactical demands.
* We will audit, interview and document all AS-IS processes.
* In consultation with key stakeholders, we document TO-BE processes.
* We establish the Roadmap for the Business Architecture.

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Technical Change Management (TCM)

What we do

* We will construct the cloud based Change Control governance.

* We establish change control process.

* We oversee your enterprise technical changes.

* We document the process.

* We execute the process.

* We train all staff on the new process.

* We incorporate the process into your existing operations & support.

* We integrate & incorporate technical risk management process and procedures.

* We provide weekly and monthly change management reporting.

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Organizational Change Management (OCM)

What we do

A systematic approach to OCM formally sets expectations, improves communication and reduces misinformation.
* We negotiate agreement on a common vision for change.
* We provide leadership with the vision to communicate the business case for change.
* We establish a strategy for educating employees about how their day-to-day work will change.
* We create concrete plans to measure success -- and follow-up plans for both successful and unsuccessful results.
* We set rewards, both monetary and social, that encourage individuals and groups to take ownership for their new roles and responsibilities.

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Release Management


* Outsource your release management to us.
* We will manage risks and resolves issues that affect release scope, schedule and quality.
* Measure and monitor progress to ensure application releases are delivered on time and within budget, and that they meet or exceed expectations.
* Coordinate release content and effort based on the service request backlog, pending service requests, third party applications, or operating system updates.
* Communicate all key release plans, commitments, and changes including requirements, QA plans, schedule, and scope changes.
* Plan release windows, cycles and release calendars across each portfolio.
* Manage relationships and coordinates work between different teams at all locations. Manage all key stakeholders’ expectations.
* Conduct Release Readiness reviews, Milestone Reviews, and Business Go/No-Go reviews.

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Enterprise Risk Management


*         Our Enterprise Risk Management team uses industry standards in risk management. 

*         We will perform a comprehensive risk evaluation of your company's infrastructure.

*         We examine your on-going projects, quality of work, testing process and quality control.

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Service Delivery Management, Service Level Agreement (SLA)  Operational Level Agreement (OLA)

What we do

This service provides your company with an independent & factual performance reporting of all your applications and business processes.

 *         We will be the lead negotiator for your products’ Service Level Agreements (SLAs) & applications’ Operating Level Agreement (OLAs).

*         We will be accountable for negotiating SLAs with your internal business partners & 3rd party vendors.

*         Initiate the Service Delivery program & Governance Structure.

*         Establish and obtain approval of the Service Delivery program charter.

*         Create and published the detailed Service Delivery program plan.

*         Manage SharePoint repository to store the Service Delivery program information and artifacts.

*         Create, establish and obtain approval for applications performance measurement process utilizing real-time production data.

*         Negotiate and obtain agreements on product related Quality Objectives that are specific, factual, verifiable, and measurable.

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